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Executive and Administrative Staff

Executive Board Officers

Phillip Townsend - President

Bill Kuhn - Vice President
Boyce Burdick - Treasurer
Kierra Squires - Secretary

Board Members

Scott Ashby

Sheila Gephart
Bill McKay

Diana Wang
Steve Wiley


Dr. Nicholas L. Wallin - MCS Music Director and Conductor
Adrienne Fletcher - MCYO Music Director and MCS Assistant Conductor
Michael Townsend - Concert Manager

Orchestra Relations Committee

Currently on hiatus

Our Organization

Today’s Symphony is a fully professional non-profit organization, featuring dozens of the region’s finest professional musicians employed in seated positions, supplemented by other local and extra-regional artists depending on the size of each concert. Our programming is designed to entertain and enrich the wonderfully diverse population of the Mid-Columbia region.

Performance Schedule

The Symphony typically produces four to seven concerts annually, frequently contracting with featured guest artists and collaborating with other regional performing arts organizations. Mid-Columbia Symphony musicians also perform for other community events, including operas, festivals, and memorial concerts.


We'll be recommitting to our social media platforms shortly as a means of communicating when events are in the works, so give them a follow! 


As part of our education program, we organize and sponsor an annual Young Artists Competition and feature the winners in one of our concerts each year. We also strive to maintain a Music in Schools program and work with youth in our Mid-Columbia Youth Orchestras program. 

Stephen Beus - 2020


Annual Reports

Have you ever wanted to know what songs we played in the December of 1956? Or who won the 6th ever Young Artist Competition? Or maybe what companies sponsored the symphony in 1980?

Not all of the data has been fully entered, and it currently lacks a finalized visual polish, but feel free to look through our vast catalogue of history!

At some point it should be coming to the website proper in a more parsable form (but not for a while).


Link to the Spreadsheet

About Us

Our Mission and Business Framework

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