“I’ve never heard symphony music before. It’s great. I usually listen to hip-hop and rock ‘n’ roll, but I liked the symphony more.”

  - Salvador Mendoza, age 11

Events and Functions

Each year, through the generous support of community businesses, hundreds of fourth-grade students in local schools are treated to kid-friendly performances by members of the Mid-Columbia Symphony. Musicians talk with individual students and show them their instruments.

These visits are paying off. Kids get excited about music and want to get involved. After the Symphony appeared in Pasco schools, the rate of fifth graders joining their local instrumental music programs increased dramatically.

Additionally, if you are currently a student either studying music, or taking part in music classes, please contact our office to inquire about comp tickets or ticket discounts for our upcoming concerts.

The MCS used to perform a touring production of Saint-Saëns' Carnival of the Animals funded purely out of pocket from various staff and board members. While the event was always well received by schools, we ultimately had to discontinue the program for financial reasons.


MCS is posturing to revive either a similar program or something along the lines of the Carnegie 'Link Up' project. If you are a parent who is sympathetic to this cause, consider helping us get reconnected with Mid-Columbia's schools: lobby for us at PTAs, or help us garner support through social media. Every child deserves exposure to rich and storied music, regardless of whether or not they play an instrument.

If you have other ideas about how the MCS might support music-based educational experiences, send us an email through the form on our contact page, or call our office.

Educational Outreach

Youth involvement and experiences