Job Opportunities at the Mid-Columbia Symphony

Working for the MCS

We're here to play it straight

  • No hollow business spiel

  • No "we treat our employees like family"

  • No hidden wages

  • No generic, copy-pasted job descriptions

  • No feckless management

  • No month-long response windows

  • No uploading your resume three separate times only to fill out identical information in a web form

If you've taken a look around the rest of our website, you should have a pretty good idea of who we are and what we're trying to achieve for our community. It's mostly part-time work, and the pay isn't phenomenal, but everyone here is willing to give you a fair shot and a chance to speak up. We take our commitments seriously, and expect newcomers to as well.

Survey our open positions below and grab a copy of their job descriptions as you please. If you meet the qualifications or feel you have equivalent experience, send us your resume and cover letter at adm@midcolumbiasymphony.org with the job title in the description.

Available Positions

We are currently looking to hire an Operations Manager

This job predominantly entails office work covering finances, communications & marketing, database management, fundraising & concert event support, and more.

Download the full job description here.


If you are interested in joining our board, please look over our application here and submit it to our office via the above email, or in person