Bach’s Concerto for Violin and Oboe in C minor, BWV 1060R, performed by Vanessa Moss, Laura Goben Harper, Bruce Walker and Carissa Pitkin Cox at the ACTF Digital Studio on March 20, 2021 during the Covid Pandemic.

 Bach - Concerto for Violin and Oboe in C Minor


Ian Clarke’s Hypnosis and Pietro Morlacchi’s The Swiss Shepherd, performed by Linda Doria and Allen Madsen at the ACTF Digital Studio on April 3, 2021.                                                                                                                       

Ian Clarke - Hypnosis & Pietro Morlacchi - The Swiss Shepard


Kim Snow and Allen Madsen perform Richard Strauss’ Concerto for French Horn, No. 1, Op. 11 at the ACTF Digital Studio on March 27, 2021 during the Covid Pandemic.                

Richard Straus - Concerto for French Horn


Linda Doria and Allen Madsen perform Suite Antique by John Rutter at the ACTF Digital Studio on April 3, 2021.                                                                                           

John Rutter - Suite Antique


Covid Concertos
Covid Concertos
Covid Concertos
Covid Concertos
Covid Concertos

Mid-Columbia conductor Nick Wallin interviews concertmaster Vanessa Moss, exploring the beginnings of her very eager career

Interview with Vanessa Moss - The Concertmaster

Mid-Columbia conductor Nick Wallin interviews musicians Adella and Donald Hammerstrom, reminiscing over memories of raising their family in the Tri-Cities

Interview with Adella and Donald Hammerstrom - Principal Bassoon and Trombone

Mid-Columbia conductor Nick Wallin interviews musician Jason Rose, sharing a catharsis over the troubles of adapting music teaching during covid

Interview with Jason Rose - Principal Clarinet

Mid-Columbia conductor Nick Wallin interviews musician Ed Dixon, discussing his varied teaching career and concluding with a brief solo on the cello

Interview with Ed Dixon - Principal Cello

Mid-Columbia conductor Nick Wallin interviews musician Laura Harper, highlighting some of the quirks that come with playing an oboe    

Interview with Laura Goben Harper - Principal Oboe

Mid-Columbia conductor Nick Wallin interviews musician Christine Harper, followed by a short performance on the piccolo.

Interview with Christine Harper - Flute III

Mid-Columbia Conductor Nick Wallin interviews musician Marella McGreal and learns about her most unpredictable performance experience 

Interview with Marella McGreal - Principal Bass

Musician Interviews
Musician Interviews
Musician Interviews
Musician Interviews
Musician Interviews

Nick provides information on Mid-Columbia Symphony's plans for the upcoming season, and characterizes the themes of its first concert.

Notes from Nick - 2022 Season Preview

Nick's recent backpacking trip impresses him to assemble a catalogue of music collectively inspired by the noble and natural majesty of mountains

Notes from Nick - August 2021

Nick provides recommendations on a range of striking Americana, each sure to help fulfill the mood of Spring as we look forward to performing once again

Notes from Nick - Spring 2021

Nick honors the prolific legacy of jazz and classical pianist, Keith Jarrett - a favorite of Nick's during the later years of his education

Notes from Nick - November 2020

Nick recalls his experiences with conducting music styled for Halloween and Día de los Muertos during his MCS tenure, and offers others he has yet to perform

Notes from Nick - October 2020

Nick takes a break from the usual academic dialogue to show a mellower side of his life. Join him for book recommendations, movies, podcasts and more

Notes from Nick - September 2020

Nick examines the finer details of chamber music selection, alongside distinctive composers and compositions within the genre.

Notes from Nick - August 2020

Nick shares a recent performance of Carmina Burana from our local arts partner, the Mid-Columbia Mastersingers, in true choreographed accordance with Orff's design

Mid-Columbia Mastersingers - Carmina Burana

Conductor's Corner
Conductor's Corner
Conductor's Corner
Conductor's Corner
Conductor's Corner

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Contact Us

Mid-Columbia Symphony Office

MacHunter Building

1177 Jadwin Avenue, Suite 103

Richland, WA 99352

Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 10:00 - 2:00

Our 2022-2023 Season concert programs will be:

*​*September 11th—Sunday @ 3:30pm —Richland High School Auditorium

Molly Joyce Fresh    

Augusta Holmes Irlande

Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade

**Date changed due to conflict with the MCAF Donor Appreciation event the evening of Sep 10th

October 29th—Saturday @ 7:30pm —Richland High School Auditorium

Beethoven Coriolan Overture    

Gounod Funeral March of A Marionette

Galindo Sones de Mariachi

Lloyd Webber Selections from Phantom of the Opera

Arturo Marquez Conga del Fuego Neuvo   

John Williams Suite from 'Jaws'

Arnold Tam O'Shanter    

Crawford Andante for Strings    

Liadov Enchanted Lake

February 5th—Sunday @ 3:30pm —

Ellen Taafe Zwillich Concerto Grosso 1985

Alvin Part Adam's Lament

Vaughn Williams Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis

Respighi Suite of Ancient Dances and Airs #2


March 18th  and 19th–Saturday@7:30pm & Sunday@3:30pm — Richland High School Auditorium

Tan Dun Overture: Dragon and Phoenix

Grieg Peer Gynt Suite #1

Mary D. Watkins Once Upon A Time

Dukas Sorcerer's Apprentice

Ravel Mother Goose Suite

John Williams Suite from 'Superman'


June 3—Saturday @ 7:30pm—

Schubert Symphony No. 8, 'Unfinished'    

Michael Torke Book of Proverbs

and Young Artist Competition Winners!