Mid-Columbia Youth Orchestra

What is the MCYO?


Mid-Columbia Youth Orchestra is the premier youth symphony program in the Mid-Columbia region and is the educational arm of the Mid-Columbia Symphony.


In 2015, after several years of hiatus, the Youth Symphony was revived under the direction of Adrienne Fletcher. After five years, MCYO is now an established audition-only program that performs high-level orchestral repertoire.


MCYO has grown to include two ensembles: Youth Symphony and Cadet Strings, performing three mainstage concerts a season and collaborating with other local youth performing groups. We provide a unique, educational symphony experience for students from all over the Tri-Cities who are interested in pursuing music in an extracurricular setting.


Our Mission


A diverse and multifaceted arts education gives students the skills to be open-minded, empathetic, innovative, and discerning members of society. Through performing arts, we foster environments where any student may learn and grow graciously in order to better themselves. With collaboration, the arts also teach us how to acknowledge mistakes, and correct them sympathetically amongst peers - preparing them for an increasingly interpersonal future. Among these experiences, we strive to continue the long-standing traditions of  symphony music by providing young musicians an opportunity to learn and master great works of art.

2020 - 2021


Jinu Choi

Grace Deng

Mu Mu Dun

Olivia Duncan

Lindsey Hargunani

Sankar Harilal

Connor Hill


Bailie Jansons


Kristina Carterby


Emmaline McKinnon


Braelin Carter


Jonas Sanders


Luke Roskelley


Doug Snyder


Nathan Hu


Abigail Trappett


Won Bin Billy Hong

Kennard Hou

Rian Parker

Jessie Shi

Sean Xu

Xavier Zhang

2020 - 2021

2020 - 2021


Qurin Choi

John Gilbert

Alvin Liu

Rosalie Nguyen


Arianna Hokanson


Darin Choi

John Custodio

Alina Roskelley


Alexander Newman


Eden Roskelley

Alina Solano

Benedict Zito

2020 - 2021

Youth Orchestra's Next Concert

Date and Time:

To be announced

Covid Policy:

Last year, concert productions were put on hold due to Covid restrictions. We hope that 2022 provides us an opportunity to perform for a live audience, but have no current dates planned.

Youth Orchestra

History and Membership

Date and Time:

Cadet Strings - 5:30 pm

Youth Symphony - 6:15 pm

Every Thursday


The Musician's Launchpad

4261 W Van Giesen St, West Richland, WA 99353


Please bring your music stand


Check the Youth Orchestras Facebook for live updates!

Youth Symphony's Next Rehearsal